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            WEIHAI WEIYING TOOL CO., LTD. Telephone: +86-631-5685601

            WEIHAIWEIYING TOOL CO., LTD. located in North East China was established in 2000,dedicated to the manufacture of high quality engineered cutting tools. WEIYINGhas grown rapidly from a maker of PCD grooving tools to a worldwide provider ofspecial and standard PCD, CBN and carbide cutting tools for the automotive,aerospace and general manufacturing industries. WEIYING'ssuccess has come from its innovative R&D team and its highly skilledmanufactu…

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            Address: Haoshan Rd., Chucun, HTDA, Weihai City..

            Tel.: +86-631-5685601

            Fax.: +86-631-5683191

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